Writing can be a very solitary job. It’s often thankless, and (unless you get really, really lucky) has few rewards other than personal satisfaction, especially when you’re self published. Sometimes it can be kind of overwhelming.

Yesterday? Was not one of those days.

My mom threw me a surprise ‘you published a book!’ party. With the help of my cousin and best friend, she got me out of the house and filled it with about 40 of our closest friends and family. And let me tell you- I was surprised. Like, WOW. There was a point where I just looked around and realized that all these people were there for me. I am incredibly lucky to be able to count on their support and, more importantly, their belief that what I’m doing isn’t just wasting my life in front of a computer. They believe that what I do matters, and that I can- no, will- succeed. It was rejuvenating in every sense of the word.

Plus I had SO MUCH FUN it was bleeding out of my ears. My family (and here I expand the term to include both the kind you’re born with and the kind you collect over the years) knows how to party. I also got to sign some books with a VERY fancy new pen that I will reserve for that purpose in the future.

I know a lot of creative types that might not have this kind of support. And because I am admittedly self-centered, I sometimes forget that my ‘fan base’ (har har) is so loyal and large. So today I just wanted to thank everybody. You guys are, quite literally, the best of the best. I wouldn’t be doing this without you.

Lest this post get too sappy, please watch this video of Troy and Abed from Community, attempting to Krump.



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