I am loving this blog. It’s got tons of amazing tips for self-published (and self-marketing) writers. I’m going through the archives right now- hopefully I’ll get some new ideas!



May is How To Sell Self-Published Books Month here on Catherine, Caffeinated. This being the last day of May, today’s the last day! (Sniffle. Sniffle.) Fear not, after this I’ll go back to posting about… well, pretty much the same kind of thing, really. Especially since I didn’t have time to fit in my “arguments for higher e-book prices” posts. Anyways. You can catch up here

The arguments for Twitter not selling books usually go something like this:

  • People do not want to be sold things on Twitter and therefore trying to sell them things will only lose you followers
  • Mr X (Arrested Development flashback!) had 10,000 followers but when he released his book, he only sold 500 copies of it. If Twitter sold books, it would’ve been 10,000 sales.

But I think this is applying the wrong set of expectations. In arguing that 10k followers should ideally…

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