Ramble On!


I’ve been doing so much fairytale research lately (for the EXCITING NEW BOOK PROJECT OMGGGGG). I guess it’s bleeding into the other areas of my life because I’ve also been writing some fairytale inspired haiku. You can get them off my hellopoetry account, but I thought it might be fun to post them here too!

bitch, please.

glass slippers shatter.
i asked my godmother for
a four-oh-one-kay.

a little tighter.

i took the laces.
i can’t breath but good god
do i look skinny!

nice try buddy.
a snake visited.
he brought an apple, but i
know that fairytale.

yeah so… 
this one time i lived
in the garden of eden.
it wasn’t that great.

I guess those are actually as much Garden of Eden inspired as traditional fairy tales. But then, in a lot of ways the Garden story is a fairytale (please don’t hurt me internet). I’m playing with the idea of fairy tales and myths right now. As one of my characters puts it, “Don’t be an idiot. Myths are just older fairy tales. In a thousand years they’ll think Little Red Riding Hood was one of our gods.”

That’s kind of a weird thought, right? Can you imagine a pantheon with Little Red sitting on the end? Trippy.


There’s actually been a lot of scholarly debate on the ‘myths vs. fairy tales’ issue. At least for the purpose of my writing I’m going to treat them as if they are essentially the same thing. I mean, they’re both stories that seek to either explain human behavior or warn people about the dangers in this world (whether natural or unnatural). They are also parables that teach us how to behave, so…yeah. 

Though there’s definitely a clear divide- myths tend to be more on the ‘explain human nature’ side, while fairy tales are more clearly didactic. Then again, that differentiation comes from largely from their development. Fairy tales, especially the ones that are really popular, were re-written and changed by Perrault and the Grimms and blah blah blah expressly for the purpose of teaching children. So who knows, really.


Oh my god. I need to go watch reality tv or something. I do actually get out of my house a lot, I promise. I went and saw the Avengers (for the second time!) last night. It was so good. VERY funny. Joss Whedon, you are in my personal pantheon. If I ever have to slay a vampire or get a team of egotistical misfits to work together I’m calling on you.

Finally, I wanted to tell you about my new favorite thing in the entire world. It’s called Gevalia coffee, and it is the best coffee ever. I’m serious. Better than Dunkin’ Donuts (the kind you make yourself, durr), better than the italian stuff I get sometimes, better than… good lord. Just everything.

Plus Johan, their spokesperson/personality? Is a really cute, hunky Swede. If you haven’t seen this commercial, you’re in for a treat.

I’ll take a cup of Johan any day!


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