Random Pictures of Stuff I Like.

So it’s been a little while since I last posted. I’ve been hard at work on my next manuscript. Get excited. To tide you over and prevent any rampaging (in honor of my spirit guide, Genghis Khan!) I thought you might be interested in some Random Pictures of Stuff I Like.


Sorry, folks. That’s really all I have for you today.

First, let me introduce you to this pastel picture I drew. It’s of Frankenstein, in the style of David Bowie’s iconic Ziggy Stardust. I call him FRANKEN-BOWIE.


Did I mention that I love David Bowie? A lot? A lot a lot a lot?






Did you know I have a collection of fairytale books? No? Well I do. Some of them, gifts from Au Pairs in my childhood, are in German. Some I’ve collected over the years. This one is my newest- just got it at an estate sale today. It’s from 1950! I love how bright the colors are. While I have a lot of issues with Walt Disney, their early art was pretty gorgeous.

I’m a little obsessed with fairytales. They are an interesting look into past culture- and the history of the fairy tale is so much more complicated than you would expect. I took a course on fairytales and pop culture my senior year of college, and we traced the origins of some of the famous Disney tales back to Germany, France, Italy…what’s extra interesting, at least to me, is how many versions there are of these stories. There are Cinderella tales in almost every culture in the world- and yet many of these stories originated without any contact between their societies. This indicates that certain stories, and certain archetypal characters, are universal. Perhaps they find their roots in human nature. Who knows.

I’ll stop geeking out on you now.

My collection has actually come in handy as I’ve been working on this new book…Not that it has anything to do with fairytales, or anything. Nope. Not a thing.

I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago to order copies of To Wake the Shadows. While there, I found some cool graffiti. I don’t remember the exact location. It was definitely downtown, maybe in the village…?

The picture at the right was pretty striking.





This yellow monster was kind of funny. Look at his tiny little mustache! Aww. If this guy snuck out of my closet at night, hoping to scare me, I’d probably just want to give him a hug. Maybe we could be buddies!




Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I’ll be honest. I’m procrastinating. MUST. FINISH. BOOK. EDITS.




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