Free Downloads!!!!

What? What’s that you hear? The sound of an excellent deal?

Your ears do not deceive you! I am giving away To Wake the Shadows…for free! If you go to you can download it (for free! Did I mention the free?). The promotion lasts until tomorrow (Saturday the 31st) at midnight, so get hopping! It’s a new, improved version- less typos, a nicer interior, a gorgeous new cover…the list goes on and on. I’ve also added a copyright page and a dedication, and acknowledgments…did I mention a long list of reasons why you need to download it immediately?

And can I add that, as of this morning, I made two top 100 lists on Amazon? I’m currently #52 in Occult Horror and #14 in Juvenile ‘Spine-Chilling’ Horror. Sweet!

I’ve had a lot of coffee, folks, and I am feeling pretty good. So get your butts on over there and download my (new and improved!) book!

Thanks, and ta for now!

PS: You might have noticed, if you follow me on Facebook, that I was holding a print copy of To Wake the Shadows. Hmm. That’s interesting. 


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