In Which Things Move Along

I have been remiss in my blogging. Apologies! I’d like to say that this is a rarity, but I’ve done sporadic blogging since I was a freshman in college and I would be lying if this was unusual for me.

Sporadic. That’s a lovely word, isn’t it? Spoooo-raaaa-dic.

Anyways. I have a few very exciting announcements to make!

1. My book is going to be published in print! It will be a very small run (re: as much as I can afford) but the cover is going to be gorgeous and the book will look professional. I hope. Big shout-out to Brian, who not only found the McNally Jackson book machine but is also paying for it. I’m going to have an ISBN number, people. A real, honest-to goodness ISBN number. And a dedication page. And an acknowledgements page.

I wish you could see my happy dance!

This in part explains my disappearance. There is a lot of work to be done on formatting, etc, before it’s ready for print. I’m having a consultation today to discuss it; wish me luck!

I’ll let you know more when I know more, but you will definitely be able to purchase a hard-copy of my book very soon! It will even have a fancy new cover. Ooooh- ahhhhh.

The publisher:

2. The Trailer

Yes, I promised this a while ago. Sue me.

(Don’t, actually. You should only sue people with deep pockets; mine are remarkably shallow).

I tricked convinced a few friends to help me film it over the weekend. I’ve been editing it, and it’s coming out nice and creepy. Another big shout-out here, this time to Alan; he’s the genius behind the filming. My original idea was bad. Let’s…let’s just leave it at that. He had some brilliant ideas, so, thanks!

3. Goodreads is a wonderful site.

I love Goodreads. It’s official. I’ve been participating in a few read-to-reviews, including one for To Wake the Shadows, and the experience has been incredibly rewarding. Everyone over there is so nice, even when they’re giving constructive criticism (which I honestly love. How else do you improve?).

Basically, you should check it out, if you haven’t yet.

4. The best video for writers I’ve ever seen. Basically? A published author let’s you know that it’s OK to suck.

To conclude, another wonderful quote:

“What I’m feeling now, this is love, right?”
“I don’t know. Is it a longing? Is it a giddy stupid happiness just because you’re with me?”
“Yes,” she said.
“That’s influenza. Watch for nausea or diarrhea within a few hours.”
-Orson Scott Card


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